Eating and drinking nearby

Eating and drinking nearby

Below is a selection of nearby restaurants or cafes. The distance in meters is the walking distance from ScraB&Ble. We took the price indication from Google. Opening days are indicative. Always check through the link for current dates and hours. We definitely recommend making reservations on weekends. Many of the catering establishments are fully booked on Friday and Saturday.

Order is more or less based on distance and by (sub)municipality

Within walking distance / in Weert

Finding something nice to eat and drink in the neighborhood every day !

NameDistance (m)MaDiWedDoFriZaSoCommentsPrice
Groenendijk Weert250XXXOOOOVegan award !€€
Tavern Old Town Hall550OXOOOOO€€
‘t Sas2450XXXOOOO€€
Museum-K-Fé v/d Zilverreiger350XOOOXOOin season only (1/3 to 1/11), drink only€€

In Temse (just across the bridge)

NameDistance (m)MaDiWedDoFriZaSoCommentsPrice
Bar Coupe3200OXOOOOOSometimes only menu possible€€
The Moment3900XOOOOOXFor when it may be a little more€€€
Quay 223400OOOOOOOAlso nice to have a drink there €€
Bistro The Zaatman4000OXOOOOO€€

In Branst

NameDistance (m)MaDiWedDoFriZaSoCommentsPrice
The Frut Baron3400XXOOOOOFrench fry shop, take away
De Zandstuiver3400XOOOOOO€€

in Buitenland (literally translated Abroad) (and yet close by)

NameDistance (m)MaDiWedDoFriZaSoCommentsPrice

In Bornem (our main municipality)

NameDistance (m)MaDiWedDoFriZaSoCommentsPrice
De Cluyse6900XOOOOOO€€
Biestro H-Eat5800XOOOOOX€€
Bast5200OXOOOOO€€ (?)
Culture Cafe (cc Ter Dilft)5200OOOOOOXalso to have a drink€€
Bij de Moemoe5400XOXOOOO€€
Castel Sardo5100OXOOOOO€€
Pub De Hopschuur5300OXOOOOOCafe

In Sint-Amands (borough of Puurs)

NameDistance (m)MaDiWedDoFriZaSoCommentsPrice
Rollier6100OXOOOOOFor when it may be a little more€€€
Bistro Laura Louise6300OXXOOOO€€
Den Amandus7000OOXXOOO€€

In Hingene (another village down the road)

NameDistance (m)MaDiWedDoFriZaSoCommentsPrice
In d’Oude Poort7600XXOOOOO€€